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Multi-Tiered Systems of Support

Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS)

Ella Baker is committed to providing high-quality instruction and support to promote the highest achievement of all students. MTSS is a multi-level prevention framework in which all students’ needs are met through tiered instruction and support. MTSS addresses the whole child across academics and social-emotional learning (SEL).

What can I expect from Ella Baker in using a Multi-Tiered System of Supports?

  • Information on my child’s progress in meeting grade-level academic standards

  • Notice of academic, social, emotional, or behavioral concerns (early identification)

  • Instruction and intervention that is matched to my child’s needs (skill gaps and acceleration)

  • Feedback on how my child is responding and making progress in response to supplemental supports

  • Involvement in individual, data-based problem solving for my child

The MTSS framework has three levels of instruction that build on one another. Each level provides a more intensive level of support.

  • Tier 1 is the high-quality core instruction provided to all students in general education classrooms. This includes academic and social-emotional learning (SEL) curriculum, instruction, and supports aligned to grade-level standards and student needs.

    • At Ella Baker, this includes small and whole group instruction.

  • Tier 2 provides additional instruction targeted to meet the needs of some students using evidence-based strategies aligned with student needs.

    • At Ella Baker, this may include a small group (3-5 students) that meets for 15-30 minutes per day targeting a specific academic or social-emotional skill, in addition to core classroom instruction. Specific goals are set, and growth is regularly monitored. Goals and data are shared with families.

  • Tier 3 includes intensive interventions to meet the needs of individual students who have not responded to Tier 2 supports. 

    • At Ella Baker, teachers and support staff come together to develop an individualized support plan for a student. Family input is essential. Specific goals are set, and growth is monitored weekly. Goals and data are shared with families. Tier 3 interventions are not special education services. 

How does Ella Baker Global Studies and Humanities School identify and support students with additional needs?

  • During the year, we screen all students to see which students are meeting grade-level standards and which students need additional support. For academics, this occurs in the fall, winter, and spring. In addition to academics, Ella Baker administers screening assessments to all students throughout the school year to gauge if students are socially connected to their peers. Screening assessments to determine mental health needs are also administered.

  • MPS identification of Advanced Learners occurs through the universal screening of all 2nd graders and a referral process for grades 3-4. 

  • For the students needing more support, a school-based team uses a problem-solving process to plan interventions and monitor progress (Tiers 2 and 3).

Who do I contact if my child is struggling and needs help? Who do I contact if my child needs to be challenged more? Who do I contact if I want to know more about MTSS?

  1. Your child’s classroom teacher can always be your first stop for any questions or feedback about your child’s education. 

  2. Facilitators of our student support teams can also answer questions.

    1. School Psychologist & MTSS Lead (PreK-8) Abbey Karich

    2. Social Workers: Laura Sanchez Garcia (PK-4) & Neenah Yang (5-8)

  3. Ella Baker Global Studies and Humanities School’s Advanced Learner Lead:

               Susan Enerson

  4. Families and caretakers can always reach out to our principal and assistant principal.

    1. Principal: Holly Kleppe

    2. Assistant Principal: Sara Naegeli

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